torsdag 6. desember 2012

Fun visitor

This morning a weasel came to visit.  Here's some of the pictures I got - she wasn't easy to shoot, because she moved very, very fast and all the time, but I've got some Ok photos which I can put in my memory case:-)
"..wonder who these creature is?.."

 "anyway, I'll try to reach my goal ..."
 "..I just try som steps and watch what happens"
 "I think this goes very well..."
 "...Oh, is she still watching me?"
 "Ok - I'll try to jump over there.."
 "..and suddenly I'm sitting on the ATV, but i was heading for the trash!!"
 "Finally I'm here...wonder what I'll find today?"
 "This was really insane - just a piece of paper!!"
 "...and she's stilling there, maybe I'll sit still for a moment so she can get a nice photo of me:-)"

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